Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calypso for Target!

I cannot contain my excitement! Calypso St. Barth is one of my favorite boutiques, but unfortunately it is way out of my college-girl price range. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard they would be doing a diffusion line for Target. It hits stores this Sunday May 1st, so I am counting down the hours until tomorrow.

One of my favorite blogs, Habitually Chic, got a chance to get a sneak preview of the line and was kind enough to share some images with us. Here are my favorites:

I LOVE the poufs and tunic!

All of the home decor looks incredible!

Habitually Chic is also holding a giveaway to win a signature pouf from the line, in sliver or gold, so head over there to enter! At least if I lose I can still head to Target tomorrow!

Lust List: Lazy Saturday Brunch

I don't remember the last time at school I had a lazy Saturday. Today I was up bright and early to work a screening of Thor (GOD OF THUNDERRRRRR) and will be working the baseball game til 8, so I'm jonesing for sleeping in and breakfast in bed. I'm listening to Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes," one because he reminds me of the beach/summer and two because it fits a dream lazy Saturday perfectly. Now to reveal my inner glutton and fantasize about food:
Martha Stewart's bacon egg and toast cups are calling my name right now. drool. These would be great for mother's day and seem so easy (even maybe I can make them!). I love Martha, and hope that she can help domesticate me one day.

This heart shaped egg in a hole recipe is another cute Mom's Day breakfast idea. Too bad mi madre hates eggs
My dad made a version of this breakfast casserole on Easter weekend. It's soooo good and perfect for groups and families.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Friday's Fancies

Royal Friday's Fancies
In keeping with the Royal Wedding madness (last post, I promise!), here would be my imaginary attire to the Royal Wedding. My invite must have been lost in the mail! Don't worry, I won't hold it against Prince Harry!

All the items are British except for a few Kate Spade accessories for a proper dose of Americana. The dress is from Topshop (won't break the bank), and the jacket is Burberry for that extra dose of British punk. I've never been a fan of hats (my big bowling ball head fails to look good in them), but this Philip Treacy one is great for the occasion. Remove the hat, and voila! you can go to a formal or night out more suitable for us commoners.

Royal Friday's Fancies by edodds featuring a ruched mesh dress

Ruched mesh dress
$95 -

Kate spade shoes
$325 -

Burberry Prorsum leather clutch
297 GBP -

Kate Spade facets jewelry
$78 -

Philip Treacy flower hat
689 GBP -

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Let the hangover begin! (ps that flower girl up front is giving some Toddlers and Tiaras-like sass)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday

Keeping with the theme of Royal Wedding-palozza/overload/overdose, here are two pink and green looks of Kate Middleton's. Her classic style isn't groundbreaking by any means, but she's effortlessly timeless and always looks put together (her good lucks certainly don't hurt either - Wills got lucky with this one). I love the green daytime look from a polo match, and I can't help but choose this pink gown, where her and Wills look very happy.

To get a more in depth look at Kate's sartorial choices, check out What Kate Wore. I'm sure they will be going BA-NA-NAs, a la Rachel Zoe, tomorrow.

Etsy Anglophilia

Get it here!

As you can probably tell, here at Lust for Living, we’re in full blown royal wedding mode (I’ve got the fever!). While I’m not throwing a Royal Wedding watch party (head over to Monograms and Manicures to see her fabulous fete) because I like to sleep at 3 AM and am a procrastinator, I’ve found some very cute and affordable party decorations over on Etsy to help sate my Anglophilia and give ideas to those of you celebrating the occasion. Or to better lure the still single Prince Harry (sorry JJF)...

These cookies are so beautiful, I wouldn't want to eat them and ruin them! Every man loves food, I'm sure even a prince can be won through his stomach..

This Union Jack coaster will be perfect for a pint of ale or Pimm's cup, and see if you can throw down like Prince Harry (the fun one, sorry Wills)

This Union Jack paper chain is sure to please any Anglophile

Need some more Facebook tags (don't we all)? These photo booth accessories will be good convo starters and provide for good party souvenirs when paired with a Polaroid

The day is almost upon us, here's to happy partying, a happy marriage for the newlyweds, and happy prince hunting! I'll celebrate by catching some Zzzs.

Royal Gowns

In honor of the royal wedding, Huffpost Style has a great slideshow looking back at royal wedding gowns from the past. Kate Middletown's mysterious gown will probably be the talk of the wedding (if you can stand getting up at 3 am to watch it.) Here are some of my favorite royal gowns of the past:

Princess Margaret of Great Britain
photo credit: Huffington Post

Princess Grace of Monaco (let the girl crush continue) photo credit: H
uffington Post Princess Marie of Denmark ( I heart the sleeves) photo credit: Huffington Post

American royalty, Jackie Kennedy

And although its not a wedding gown, I thought I'd include this last picture in honor of all things royal, fabulous, and lustworthy

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Hour

getting my drank on in St. Thomas

It's almost happy hour here in the valley of the sun, and, boy, do I certainly need it. Today's been a mixed bag, and right now I could definitely use a dose of happy. I just had my 21st birthday (aka death), but unfortunately won't be drinking it up during happy hour today (boo finals). Plus those bday long islands and car bombs still make me gag at the sight of alcohol.

If you are going out for a drink, however, you should download this happy hour app for the iPhone. It is definitely a vice enabler and finds all the current happy hours near your location.
Drink up for me if you can! Instead, I'll be looking at more embarrassing childhood photos for that much needed perk...

Lust List: Crochet

A love for all things crochet is in my blood. Before it was cool, my Grandma C was crocheting up a storm of clothes for my mom and aunt. Vests, shirts, hats, you name it. The 70s were a weird time.

Even though the 70s are long gone, she’s continued crocheting. In fact, one of my favorite gifts from her was an afghan she crocheted for my room. So with the recent resurgence of all things 70s, particularly, crochet, I’m excited for Grandma C to get her vindication.

While these items can’t top the crochet skill of Grandma’s handiwork, they’ll be good substitutes until she gets round to making me a wardrobe or until I can get home and go through mom’s old clothes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Candy Cased

I'll be the first to admit that I am addicted to my phone. I lost it a few years ago and admit that I felt ready to call up Dr. Drew for my withdrawals. Ever since I switched to the iPhone, the addiction has worsened. I do EVERYTHING on my phone: text, email, surf, shop, make dinner reservations, find directions, play angry birds....

Since my phone has become an extra appendage on my body, I've wanted to find a fab, candy colored case to mask Apple's utilitarian black and silver. These cases are chic and most importantly, will protect mi credit: kate spade
I love this kate spade case. I'm a fan of any product with a sense of humor, so this playful homage to traditional telephones piques my interest.
Photo credit: Lilly Pulitzer
This Lilly Pulitzer case has a great nautical theme and has me pining for the beach (yet again). Just don't drop your phone in the ocean..

photo credit: Speck

I currently own this Speck case. It's not as fashion-y but is extremely durable. Plus, the neon color is great for finding my phone in my black hole of a tote bag.

And this last case is by no means chic, but COME ON. How legit is this?
photo credit: iPhonetoolbox
Playstation iPhone case, possibly a gift for the lil bro?

Blue and White

One day, I will copy this table-scape to a T

Tuesdays mean a full day of classes and clubs for me, so they've definitely turned into my Monday. One thing that never fails to brighten up my day, however, is a good dose of blue and white. It's bright, preppy, and makes me think of the ocean (something my desert life is severely lacking AHEM).

Black and Spiro, the Australian (cue Men at Work) design shop from Absolutely Beautiful Things, has some awesome blue and white vignettes. I definitely recommend the blog as well for a good dose of design inspiration.

photo credit: Absolutely Beautiful Things

This store front is an epic WIN. I want to try the pink shades on the blue and white lamp...

photo credit: Absolutely Beautiful Things

Head over to the blog to catch some more blue and white greatness

Monday, April 25, 2011

To Waking Up at Tiffanys...

Well this first day of my blogging experiment has me tuckered. Feel free to leave me many a comment, good, bad, or random. I could certainly use the feedback. While I get some shut eye be sure to check out one of my blogger role models The College Prepster. She's my age and already has published her memoirs, oh perchance to dream. (a summer project perhaps?)

As for Holly Golightly, I could do a whole array of posts on this movie, but for now I'll leave you with this witty eye mask...oh to be that glamorous even when sleeping!

photo credit: Breakfast at Tiffany's
You can buy a great look-a-like here

Legally Lustful

So studying for my Legal and Ethical Issues in Business quiz has me thinking about some of my most lust-worthy legal movies...aka wasting time instead of doing homework (isn't that what blogging is for?)

Here are some of my favorites...perhaps my LSAT score would improve if I spent less time watching these?

Legally Blonde

photo credit: Legally Blonde
I know a ton of aspiring law students who HATE this movie, but I can't help but be won over by Reese Witherspoon's it's hilarious! Who didn't want to send a video essay to Harvard after this came out? The musical is really cute as well.

The Firm

*insert career fail/scientology reference here*
Ok, haters gonna hate, but I still am a Tom Cruise fan. This is one of his earlier roles, and although it can look dated - the tale of a corrupt Memphis firm where no partner leaves alive was still thrilling.


how could you mess with this duo?

Now to another, Tom, and probably one of the top legal movies ever. Tom Hanks was heart wrenching in this (enter, Oscar), and this movie will not leave a dry eye in the house. Plus any movie who's theme song is by Bruce Springsteen is excellent in my book.

Princess Grace

Can I live inside this movie, please?

While I'm getting a bit tired of all the royal wedding craziness, Prince William's upcoming nuptials give me an excuse to look back on my favorite princess, Grace Kelly.

"Oh, this old thing?"

One of my favorite movies is Rear Window, and Kelly kills it as Jimmy Stewart's girlfriend and partner-in-crime. I mean if the name fits...

A moment on set with Hitchcock himself

A few years back, Vanity Fair did a spread featuring current actors in famous Hitchcock scenes. Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem did an honorable imitation of Grace and Jimmy. It was definitely one of my fave images:

photo credit: Vanity Fair

Home on the Range

While I'm always pining for and yearning to return to the Midwest and East Coast, one of the perks of this desert life is the constant warm weather. Said weather has turned this desert landscape into a golf Mecca of sorts, yet my golf game is non existent.

Not quite Augusta, GA...

After my dad's recent venture to the Masters, I've been inspired to pick up a club and my pink golf glove and work on my game.JJF and I hit the driving range today and it was a blast, and if I may say so, my golf game is vastly improving (aka I only whiff the ball half the time now). So what does a new hobby call for? New clothes of course!

I love this Vineyard Vines's sassy, yet appropriate for the course

photo credit: Vineyard Vines

And this RL Polo is not only classic, but 100% of the proceeds go to the relief effort in Japan

Photo Credit: Polo Ralph Lauren

What is your favorite spot for golf apparel?