Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lust List: Lazy Saturday Brunch

I don't remember the last time at school I had a lazy Saturday. Today I was up bright and early to work a screening of Thor (GOD OF THUNDERRRRRR) and will be working the baseball game til 8, so I'm jonesing for sleeping in and breakfast in bed. I'm listening to Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes," one because he reminds me of the beach/summer and two because it fits a dream lazy Saturday perfectly. Now to reveal my inner glutton and fantasize about food:
Martha Stewart's bacon egg and toast cups are calling my name right now. drool. These would be great for mother's day and seem so easy (even maybe I can make them!). I love Martha, and hope that she can help domesticate me one day.

This heart shaped egg in a hole recipe is another cute Mom's Day breakfast idea. Too bad mi madre hates eggs
My dad made a version of this breakfast casserole on Easter weekend. It's soooo good and perfect for groups and families.


  1. Woahhhh those bacon & egg toast cups look delicious!!! I might have to try out that recipe .... :)

  2. I spot a PUG! This makes me love you and your blog even more!! :)