Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Candy Cased

I'll be the first to admit that I am addicted to my phone. I lost it a few years ago and admit that I felt ready to call up Dr. Drew for my withdrawals. Ever since I switched to the iPhone, the addiction has worsened. I do EVERYTHING on my phone: text, email, surf, shop, make dinner reservations, find directions, play angry birds....

Since my phone has become an extra appendage on my body, I've wanted to find a fab, candy colored case to mask Apple's utilitarian black and silver. These cases are chic and most importantly, will protect mi telefono...photo credit: kate spade
I love this kate spade case. I'm a fan of any product with a sense of humor, so this playful homage to traditional telephones piques my interest.
Photo credit: Lilly Pulitzer
This Lilly Pulitzer case has a great nautical theme and has me pining for the beach (yet again). Just don't drop your phone in the ocean..

photo credit: Speck

I currently own this Speck case. It's not as fashion-y but is extremely durable. Plus, the neon color is great for finding my phone in my black hole of a tote bag.

And this last case is by no means chic, but COME ON. How legit is this?
photo credit: iPhonetoolbox
Playstation iPhone case, possibly a gift for the lil bro?

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