Monday, April 25, 2011

Legally Lustful

So studying for my Legal and Ethical Issues in Business quiz has me thinking about some of my most lust-worthy legal movies...aka wasting time instead of doing homework (isn't that what blogging is for?)

Here are some of my favorites...perhaps my LSAT score would improve if I spent less time watching these?

Legally Blonde

photo credit: Legally Blonde
I know a ton of aspiring law students who HATE this movie, but I can't help but be won over by Reese Witherspoon's it's hilarious! Who didn't want to send a video essay to Harvard after this came out? The musical is really cute as well.

The Firm

*insert career fail/scientology reference here*
Ok, haters gonna hate, but I still am a Tom Cruise fan. This is one of his earlier roles, and although it can look dated - the tale of a corrupt Memphis firm where no partner leaves alive was still thrilling.


how could you mess with this duo?

Now to another, Tom, and probably one of the top legal movies ever. Tom Hanks was heart wrenching in this (enter, Oscar), and this movie will not leave a dry eye in the house. Plus any movie who's theme song is by Bruce Springsteen is excellent in my book.

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