Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lust List: Crochet

A love for all things crochet is in my blood. Before it was cool, my Grandma C was crocheting up a storm of clothes for my mom and aunt. Vests, shirts, hats, you name it. The 70s were a weird time.

Even though the 70s are long gone, she’s continued crocheting. In fact, one of my favorite gifts from her was an afghan she crocheted for my room. So with the recent resurgence of all things 70s, particularly, crochet, I’m excited for Grandma C to get her vindication.

While these items can’t top the crochet skill of Grandma’s handiwork, they’ll be good substitutes until she gets round to making me a wardrobe or until I can get home and go through mom’s old clothes.

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