Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue and White

One day, I will copy this table-scape to a T

Tuesdays mean a full day of classes and clubs for me, so they've definitely turned into my Monday. One thing that never fails to brighten up my day, however, is a good dose of blue and white. It's bright, preppy, and makes me think of the ocean (something my desert life is severely lacking AHEM).

Black and Spiro, the Australian (cue Men at Work) design shop from Absolutely Beautiful Things, has some awesome blue and white vignettes. I definitely recommend the blog as well for a good dose of design inspiration.

photo credit: Absolutely Beautiful Things

This store front is an epic WIN. I want to try the pink shades on the blue and white lamp...

photo credit: Absolutely Beautiful Things

Head over to the blog to catch some more blue and white greatness

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