Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: Peapod Phone Covers

Happy Pink and Green Thursday! Today I'm linking up with Pink Preppy Lilly Lover to share a new favorite site, Peapod Announcements. One of the site's highlights is its great collection of cell phone covers. They have them for most iPhones and Blackberrys, and, boy, are they cute! Like any great preppy gift site, Peapod features a ton of these covers in pink and green phone. There are so many options; it will be tough to pick a favorite! Just click on the image source to shop to your heart's desire!

{My favorite. Def want to order this. I love the full name over the initial.}


  1. How fun!! I like them all!


  2. While I'm a very loyal fan of my BlackBerry, these iPhone cases are pretty cute and chic!

    x M.
    Rococo & Caffeine

  3. Thanks for hoppin to my blog! Following yours now! :) Love the phone covers & want one.. but I need to upgrade to the iphone 4 to invest in a new cover! :)