Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Delicious Decor

I've been so busy this week since I've started nannying (call me Mary Poppins). The kids are great, and I love finally having a summer job, but I am exhausted and still need to get into the swing of things. Since I've been working a lot, it makes it harder for me to keep a healthy lifestyle. Coming home tired for work lessens my motivation to go work out and I'm definitely a comfort eater.

So instead of relying on my old love for sweets to take away the stress, I've been finding some sweet looking decor, cupcakes to be exact, to replace my lust for the real thing. Plus, they are super cute!

Cupcake soap dispenser!

I would love to sip coffee and hot chocolate out of these mugs!

And last, I love these candles! They look soooo real!
It comes in purple too! I'd be tricked into eating it!


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