Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

My bed in my college apartment is severely lacking a headboard. It feels incomplete and looks all the more "college-y" and "dorm-y" because of this missing link. I'm not motivated, however, to shill out for a nice headboard when I only have one year of school left and may get new furniture after I graduate.

I've been trolling around online looking for some good alternative headboard ideas, and stumbled across the "mirror as headboard" on Pinterest. I love the glossiness of the mirrors, and feel like they would provide some much needed light and space-creating illusion to my tiny apartment.

My fave. I love this look - so bright, and adds extra dimension to the small space.
More mirrored creations:
I would like this more if there was more actual glass,  but creative use of 30 Ikea mirrors.

 Can't wait to try this look - craft mirrors like above are only $3 at Hobby Lobby and can be stuck to the wall using adhesive squares - I'll keep you posted on this developing (and my first!) home DIY...

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