Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Intern Chic

Intern Chic 
Today I began my summer internship and fifth internship in my college career. Interning is so motivating to me, since I can see how I'm working toward my future career and love learning new skills and overcoming new challenges. I'm so excited and motivated to be back at work - so today's Friday's Fancies with Long Distance Loving is all about looking like the chicest intern in the office.

My office is more casual, so the clothes aren't that professional (still office appropriate), but the outfit can easily be made more formal by trading in the wedges for black pumps and throwing a blazer over that swoon-worthy Isabel Marant blouse. I also work in a creative industry where hipper clothing is encouraged, so if you work in a more conservative field - I'd probably lose the stud earrings and bright clutch. For me, however, this outfit is fabulous and fitting, and I am lusting after the beautiful, intern-perfect (but not intern budget friendly) items. Happy Friday, everyone, and if you're interning this summer I wish you luck and a very productive summer!

Intern Chic by edodds featuring slimming pants

Isabel Marant sheer ruffle blouse, £370
Vanessa Bruno slimming pants, $404
Christian louboutin shoes, $650
Tory Burch clutch handbag, $325
Marc by Marc Jacobs gold plated watch, $250
Anita Ko 14k earrings, £215


  1. My daughter is interning in NY City this summer! she loves it.

  2. That's awesome! Where is she interning?

  3. So cute!! My internship would've approved of this outfit! BUT we got stupid ugly t-shirts we have to wear every single day now.

  4. What a great outfit for work!! I LOVE the color combos! That shirt is so beaUtiful! How great you have such a fun internship that will teach you all you need to start your career off right! and getting to wear trendy clothes to it makes it that much better!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I like it a lot but I don't think my 17 month old would keep it very clean! Well, I can daydream about being back in my Santa Monica internship when the best part of the week was cocktails after work! I bet its nice to be in the workforce away form all the studying for a while, good luck with the internship.


  6. I need to revamp my work wardrobe... I would love that!

  7. I love everything about this. I would wear it to work in a heartbeat... if only I could afford Louboutins!