Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday: All Flared Out

Sorry skinny jeans, this Fall I'm going to be all about your flared cousin. If you couldn't tell, this Fashion Friday with Blonde Episodes, is all about my recent obsession with flared jeans. This cut is so much more flattering on me than a skinny pair since they make my hips like less wide and my legs look longer, and I love how they're worn either casual or if you want to get fancy (don't we all sometimes?) Celebs clearly, also, love this trend (they're copying off me, I swear), so here is some flared inspiration. Make the switch with me!
{Lauren Conrad keeps her flares feminine with a girly frock, heels, and curls. Love the look of a blouse tucked into them}
{Posh spice looks, well, posh, in a distressed pair. If you're wearing distressed and want to still look refined, I'd keep your top super sleek and simple like Vicky's}
{I love the dark wash here - very classy}
{A more California casual vibe a la Ms. Bilson}
{A light wash done grown up and right}
{This cut looks so ah-mazing with heels. Makes the legs look even longer}
{Nicole Richie styles her flares in an ultra bohemian style. Love. Oh, to pull off a headscarf}

I recently bought a super cute pair of light wash flares from the Gap's 1969 denim line. Their Long and Lean fit is my favorite. They also frequently run sales, so it's rare that you will pay full price for a pair. 

Happy shopping and happy Friday! As of now, I'm probably in the great state of New Mexico inching ever closer to Arizona - let's hope my family hasn't killed each other yet!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love the flared look. I have a white pair and a denim pair that I need to get tailored...I only wear my skinny jeans with boots...and I guess that means I only wear them in the Fall/Winter. :)

  2. I love how the bigger the flare/bell the thinner my thighs look, lol. I've only one pair of skinny jeans, I have never found them incredibly comfortable, must be why I never built a stock of them.

  3. I'm not a fan for myself, but love them on Posh! Kori xoxo

  4. LC looks amazing- as always. Im not a huge fan of the boot cut for men and like a straight leg for myself but everyone prefers something different when it comes to denim.

    stopping by from blonde episodes :)

  5. I don't think I could totally lose my skinnies b/c I just love knee-high boots too much, but I will definitely be working some flair into my fall wardrobe!

    PS - Thanks for your sweet comment :)