Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photo Walls

Since I currently live in an apartment, I'm unable to paint any walls - so I'm constantly looking for ways to fill empty white walls. All of the white space is so boring, especially in my bedroom, and doesn't look chic at all with my white comforter.

One wall filler that I love is a great photo/art wall. They can fill up a lot of space and definitely make a room more homey - or simply remind you of people you love at home. I'm scheming and planning an art wall of my own, so I will be sure to share the end product if it comes to fruition! 

{This wall is super intense, but it surprisingly works well with the space}
{The use of a chalkboard is so creative. I also love the mix of black, white, and light blue}
{These matted frames and the rigid spacing of the frames make this wall really sleek and modern}
{LOVE the fur rug and how only a few frames can make the wall look great}
{This office is simply amazing}
{A lovely idea for any birthday party}
{Photo shelves are a great alternative to hanging them on the wall}

And last, here are some great photo wall configuration ideas for you to get hanging!

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