Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Getaway: Marriott County Hall

Today's Sunday Getaway to the Marriott County Hall in London has a real soft spot in my heart. When my family visited the UK in 2003, my first trip to Europe, we stayed at the County Hall, a lavish historic hotel on the South Bank. I fell in love with London on the trip and remember the hotel very fondly for its service (I still remember Iago helping us to our room) , grandiosity, and perfect location.
{Yup, that's the hotel. How amazing is that? Located in an old Parliament building situated on the Thames and right next to the London Eye, you truly are in the center of London and staying in a piece of history. It really makes you feel transported to another world.}
{You arrive to the hotel through this magnificent entryway to a beautiful courtyard where you're greeted by doormen. One thing I loved about London was all of the history in a modern city. Staying here really kept that feeling alive the whole trip.} 
{The entrance at night. Very mysterious with all the shadow play}

{The looming door and pillars add to the stateliness. Just imagine pulling up in an Aston Martin or Rolls Royce with Prince Harry in tow...}
{The Library Lounge is a great place to indulge in afternoon tea and views of Parliament}

{The County Hall Restaurant is a fine dining experience complete with oak paneled walls, high ceilings, period features, views of Big Ben, the Eye, and Parliament, and delicious modern European cuisine.}

{Another view of the County Hall Restaurant. I love this decor, so regal.}

{Can you tell I really love this restaurant?}
{A four poster guest room}

{The guest rooms are classic and well appointed with dark woods and reds. They feature two double beds, rare in European hotels, and are very roomy compared to other London accommodations.}

And oh, what's that across the river and viewable from your room's window...
{Why, it's Big Ben and Westminster Abbey! Like I said, this location really can't be beat.}

I loved the County Hall during our stay and can't wait to venture back to London. I can't imagine staying anywhere else in the great city..

"When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

Samuel Johnson

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