Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion Friday: Fall into Cobalt

While blue has always been one of my favorite colors to wear (I'm a blue, black, grey, and white girl), I'm especially loving pops of cobalt blue. I love cobalt as a transitional color from summer to fall since it's bright enough for the end of summer, but also looks great with darker, muted fall tones. Since it is so bright and powerful, just a little pop can add enough OOMPH to your ensemble. Are you also falling in love with cobalt for summer to fall?

{Can't leave the boys out!}

{LOVE those gloves! A very sophisticated look}

{I think flouncy blouses and skinny jeans might be a great fall uniform}
{Well, look, it's some of my fave colors - black, blue, and grey!}
{Such a cute outfit; the shoes add a perfect spunky touch}

I hope you all have a great weekend and are as excited for the upcoming fall season as I am! Be sure to head over to Blonde Episodes and check out the other posts for Fashion Friday!


  1. Love the cobalt pretty :-)

  2. adding a pop of color is a good trend this fall. Love LC outfit with that blue

  3. love the clutch...reminds me of taylor's from it? can't find the source!

  4. I love wearing blue too. My bestie makes fun of me for not buying anything but blue at times. But I look good in it and I am loving the Cobalt for the fall.