Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Apartment Vignettes: Sleep Area

Continuing with my apartment makeover series, today I'm sharing with you my sleeping area, including the bed and space above the bed. I don't have a headboard at school since it's so expensive, but I made use of the wall space above my bed with art to make the area seem more grown up and complete.

The elephant is by far my favorite piece in the room. I once again just found something on - in this case a mounted elephant head - and spray painted it gold so it looked more chic ( and honestly, just less creepy, the original was wayyy too realistic). The shag pillows are also from Amazon and I think add a more bohemian/70s vibe to the space. I was definitely thinking of the Rachel Zoe hippie-chic aesthetic when I chose those bad boys. The prints are by Caitlin McGauley, who is AMAZING, and who I've posted on here.

The space still needs more work, but it is definitely an improvement from the start and my past rooms. What do you guys think? Not Elle Decor worthy, but not too dorm room either.

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  1. LOVE it!! I love a white room with color accents. So beautiful!