Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Fifth by Ralph Lauren

I feel as if Ralph Lauren broke into my dreams (hello, Inception) and designed One Fifth off of my dream New York City apartment (doesn't every old Sex and the City fan have one?). The combination of black and gold is heavenly - a look I've been trying to secure for less for my own bedroom - but, trust me Ralph Lauren does it better. One Fifth is a gilded piece of loveliness straight from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, and I'll be sure to put on my best evening gown and glitz when I head over.

{Caitlin McGauley helped design the line and also commissioned artwork for the model apartment}

{Thank you, Caitlin, for another sketch, "The Carlyle Girl" I'm adding to my lust list. She's so talented}

{The art definitely adds to the roarin 20s vibe a la The Great Gatsby. And that chair, love!}

{This apartment would definitely be perfect to sip champagne in}

{Such a lush and luxurious bedroom}

You can purchase the collection at Ralph Lauren Home.

xx Erin

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  1. I love the 1920's vibe. It's so elegant and glamorous!

    ciao from California