Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big Texan

Finally, after a long weekend of driving and moving, I am back in STL and back to civilization. Unfortunately for my dad and me, most of New Mexico, Northern Texas, and Oklahoma looked like this stunning landscape:

One bright spot in the halfway point of Amarillo, however, was the Big Texan. You can't even drive through Texas without stopping for some great beef and BBQ.

The Big Texan is conveniently located right off the highway, and is famous (you may recognize it from Man V Food on the Travel Channel) for its 72 oz steak in 60 minutes challenge. Yikes! In fact, extreme eater Joey Chestnut downed the meal in merely 8 minutes! I still can't believe it.

The iconic cow advertising the challenge is one of the many cows we saw on our trip. My lovely father was so bored at one point that he started honking and waving at cows. eye roll. While I didn't try to tackle the challenge, I did enjoy some great beef brisket and spare ribs:

SO. MUCH. FOOD. And of course the visit was not without a dose of Texas pride:

So cute. While I am a bigger fan of Rudy's bbq in Texas, I would definitely recommend stopping by the Big Texan if you ever drive through Amarillo. It was so much good food and great, larger than life Texan atmosphere. What did you do this Memorial Day weekend?

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