Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaway Roundup: Let's Try This Again

Since my last giveaway roundup post has mysteriously disappeared during all the Blogger hullabaloo, I've decided to repost the still active contests, so everyone has a chance to enter. Lucky for you, dear readers, my favorite prizes are still available for the winning (and hopefully for winning by moi). Good luck!

1. One of my favorite prep blogs, Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore, is giving away some favorite preppy shoes - Sperrys - and just in time for summer. Here's to hoping I win these cute boat shoes and have a boat to wear them on. The contest closes May 18.

2. Speaking of Sperry, the brand itself is giving away a trip to, wait for it, Nantucket!!! How much would this up my preppy credibility to win this bad boy? This is an awesome contest, so if you win you have to brag and share with the blogosphere. Hopefully, I'll be spending a week by the beach!

Good luck, everyone! Hopefully this post will manage to stay up, no thanks to Blogger *fingers crossed*

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