Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party Treats

A few nights ago, I had the chance to embrace my inner Martha Stewart (love ya, girl!) and become the hostess with the mostest. It was truly the most domestic I've been in ages; I'm the girl who has eaten out almost every meal this semester, much to my parents' chagrin. I was super nervous to make anything food related, but these simple recipes were delish and a hit:

These strawberry marg spritzers were soooo good, and didn't taste like alcohol at all - a great thing for a lightweight like me. Just be careful mixing in the club soda, I made quite the mess on my kitchen counter. I have so much tequila and triple sec left over - I will definitely be making them again! The recipe was in the latest issue of Southern Living, and I would definitely recommend trying it.

Here are all the awesome apps courtesy of my girlfriends and moi. So so good. Went into a food coma afterward, for sure. I made the seven layer dip, but modified it into a five layer dip, since I'm not a fan of olives or green onions. All the apps were wiped out, so I'd say they were a hit.

Finally, I'll leave you with a pic of my favorite party favors, courtesy of the movie Bridesmaids:

GAAHHH CUTE OVERLOAD. The movie was so funny, I definitely recommend it.

What are your favorite summer entertaining recipes? Share them with me in the comments, so I can do Martha proud!

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