Monday, May 9, 2011

Lust List: Lugging Louis

Right now, I'm consumed by packing. The end of the school year is always stressful and filled with finals, papers, and the dreaded packing of things. Cramming all of my belongings into a few suitcases and boxes is tedious and reminds me every year that I've brought too many things with me to Arizona. Hey, a girl can never have too many tops!

While my suitcases have always been the classic black rolling bags that easily get confused with every other airline passenger's bag, all this packing has me fantasizing, instead of packing of course, about owning some luxurious luggage - namely Louis Vuitton luggage.

I'm not one to usually lust after things with a label stamped all over it, but this luggage is definitely on my lust list and would last for a liftetime, as long as no other passenger's got sticky fingers at baggage claim. I guess these bags will have to serve as more inspiration to get a great job after I graduate, so I can make these big price tag, big girl purchases.

This luggage also has extremely beautiful ads with every celebrity known to man gracing their campaigns. Here are some of my favorites:
To me, Sean Connery will always be the one, true James Bond. And who, better than 007, epitomizes sophistication and the adventure of travel? This beachy ad is plain dreamy. via.

The Coppolas are one of my favorite film families. I love Francis' The Godfather and Sofia's Lost in Translation. This ad, harkens back to Francis' Apocalypse Now days in the jungle and provides just the right amount of wistfulness and allure. via.

While I'm not very knowledgeable about this ad's model, French actress Catherine Deneuve, it evokes Old Hollywood glamor and the intrigue of traveling to some faraway unknown locale (all while looking timeless in a trench coat of course). via.

Until this ad came out, I'd never associated Louis Vuitton with a rock n roll sensibility. The brand is great at communicating a message through their ads and models, and this one seems to say "buy Louis and you'll have several lifetimes of stories to tell", just like Keith. via.

While this last image isn't an ad and from an editorial, it certainly makes me lust after the luggage even more. I'm a huge Sex and the City fan, especially of Carrie and Big, so this ad just screams big city romance and luxury. via.

Which ad is your favorite? Did I miss any? I left a few out, putting Bono in an ad in Africa seemed too obvious ha. Here's to lugging around some Louis in the near future!

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