Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mommie Dearest

nothing is scarier than a turban. via.

With Mother's Day tomorrow, I found it extremely entertaining the amount of mentions Mommie Dearest is getting on the interwebs. It's a bit ironic that this terrible mom has come to the forefront on a day meant to celebrate great mothers. I only saw the campy cult classic (love alliteration) once when I was younger and was terrified of Dunaway's Joan Crawford especially when she was dolled up in her "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"-esque ensembles. (however, she did have a nice monogrammed robe) And who doesn't love to yell, "NO WIRE HANGERSSSS!" She is truly one of the best love-to-hate movie, and sadly real, mothers.

how touching. via.

While I was wasting time on said interwebs instead of studying for finals, I came across this great supercut of movie moms. Don't worry they're some great ones in there to offset the awful Crawford. Enjoy!

Speaking of monograms and mom (nice transition I know), one of my new favorite magazine's, House Beautiful, has a great slideshow of monogrammed gift ideas for mom. It's definitely worth looking at for some last minute gift ideas, or even if you just need to sate your monogram cravings.

How presh are these cookies? via

I also love these bath canisters. via.

Sadly, I won't be seeing my mom for mother's day since I'm 1000 miles away at school finishing up finals. It'll be a bummer, as I always tend to get down on holidays when I'm separated from my family. I do have next Friday to look forward to, however, when I get to fly home and see them again and will have at least three weeks to enjoy in their company and at home sweet home in the Heartland. What are you getting your mom for mother's day? Feel free to leave a comment. I'm so grateful for the followers I've accumulated and the comments you've left - I can't wait to check out your blogs!

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  1. i like the images. my mom lives far away so I won't see her today too. lovely greetings from Germany