Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prom Awkwardness

The end of the school year was always prom season in high school, and #teenagememories trending on Twitter has me reminiscing about some of my favorite awkward prom moments - pop culture-wise and in real life.

One of my favorite prom scenes in tv/movie/music history is from this episode of Friends. It's even better for me personally because my dad looked just like Ross during his college years:

Here's one of my great awkward prom pics from junior prom. Since I went to an all girl school, we had to ask the guys out for the dance, and I remember how dramatic it was trying to find dates. We all hung out with the same group of guys from our brother school, however, so it was always fun because everyone knew each other. The St. Louis private school scene def has a small town feel to it. I remember we thought we were so baller getting the only full size party bus in St. Louis. Holla!A, Twindie, and myself rocking the high school awkwardness and drinking water out of champagne glasses. lovesit. Oh high school.

Here's a slightly (key word: slightly) less awkward pic from my brother school's senior prom. Highlight of this prom: we attended mass at the pre party because it fell on a day of obligation. Now that is memorable. Oh, Catholic school.

Here is another certainly less awkward, but cheesier, prom moment from She's All That. What prom is complete without a choreographed dance routine and Usher DJing?

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