Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My Daddy D is a passionate member of the Republican Party, so I can't say I was surprised when I came home for summer and found this masterpiece hanging in his office:

Don't worry, you can buy it too for your GOP Pappa.

He apparently fell in love with it at the Houston Rodeo earlier this year, and mi madre snatched it up for his birthday for him to hang proudly in his office. The store also offers this beauty in case you prefer your Republican presidents playing poker instead of pool:

With Father's Day coming up, here are some more Grand Ol Party gifts that would be great if you have a proud Republican daddy like me.
Southern Proper makes great ties, and this GOP Gent neck tie is the perfect way for Dad to show off his political party pride in a subtle way at work or special events.
Any Republican fan, including my Dad, has to be a Reagan lover. They should love this vintage campaign t shirt honoring the popular Republican prez. Do it for the Gipper!
This car decal has the perfect combination of GOP-love and preppy pink and green. What kind of gifts are you looking at for dad for Father's Day?

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