Saturday, May 14, 2011

Housecrush: Patterns and Brights

Well, I am officially back in the good ole Heartland for the summer. It feels great to be home, and I am so excited to see all my friends, as I'm still very close with my home friends. I've forgotten how green it is here! Being in the desert has me so accustomed to orange, brown, and more brown. It's a dark rainy day here in St. Louis, and while I'm ecstatic to see rain again, I need a dose of brights to start the day and wake me up.

This Markham Roberts house in Indiana does just the trick for me. It's from the latest issue of House Beautiful and has really grown on me. Markham Roberts is great at mixing unexpected patterns, colors, and textures, and somehow making it work and not look awful - heck they're pretty great! I'm horrible at interior design, so I have great respect for those who do it well and do it well in unexpected ways.

See what I mean? I'd be terrified to mix the patterns on the floor and the walls, but somehow it looks so fabulous! I'm also lusting after that blue chandelier. me likey.

I love how this living room looks so traditional, homey, and rustic, yet you can discover some whimsical touches like the tweed walls and the no-fuss tv perched on the bookshelf.

You all know that I *love* blue and white together, so it should come as no surprise that I want to live in this bedroom. Once again, I would be so scared to use all the blue and white fabrics together, but somehow the Markham Roberts magic makes it work. This room is so refreshing and would make me such a morning person from it's sunniness, no easy task.

The kitchen is my absolute favorite room in the house and for one reason: the chairs. These chairs will be in my dream home; I don't care if I have to pay mad money to have them recreated. I love the blue and white, yet again, and for some reason it makes me think of the beach - so I am sold.

These photos are definitely being filed away for my dream home :) Have a great Saturday; I hope yours is bright and fabulous!

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