Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun for 21

Being back in St. Louis means being able to reconnect with old friends. Last night, I had an absolute blast doing just that and meeting up with some friends from high school and celebrating A's 21st birthday. We all went to the same all girl school from 7th grade and on, so we're extremely close and can pick up right where we left off. A, N, L and I all went to NYC together on senior year spring break for a musical theater geek trip, so we've shared so many laughs together.

A, N, L, and me in Little Italy way back in high school

My own recent 21st birthday is a complete blur for me and did NOT end well, so I was happy to celebrate someone else's for a change and remember the full affair.

All the evidence the world will see of my birthday.

For A's birthday we had a great dinner at her house courtesy of her generous parents and an absolutely delicious cake from Companion Bakery. After filling up, we headed out to bars in the trendy Central West End area of St. Louis.

A and I celebrating at CWE bar, Bar Louie.

Drinks were had by the newly 21 birthday girl, karaoke was sung, and lots of fun was had. A St. Louis night out is not complete without some amazing local bar food:Mmmmm toasted ravioli, this St. Louis delicacy is a must any time I'm home! I slept in sooo late today after last night's festivities, but nights like that make me happy to be home and excited to catch up with more friends! How was everyone else's Saturday night?

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