Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday-ish

So yesterday, a cataclysmic event happened - blogger was down. No post editing, no new posts, no commenting, no nothing. You don't know what you have until it's gone, and I quickly learned how attached I've become to blogging. So, while I was cheated out of posting my Pink and Green Thursday on Thursday, I'm an independent girl, not one to be held back by days of the week!

I had my Pink and Green Thursday ready, so I am posting it, Friday be damned!

Thursday was a big day at ASU - it was graduation! Graduation is a huge accomplishment, and was quite scary this year since I'll be one of the new grads receiving a diploma in less than a year's time, yikes!.

In honor of the new grads, this post is dedicated to divine Pink and Green grad gifts that I'm lusting after.
1. Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Mixer - nobody knows margs better than Mr. Buffet! As a new grad, I'd love to entertain at my first place with this marg machine and slug back a few margs.
2.This Lilly magnetic board is perfect for posting reminders and keeping track of your busy new grad life - I'm deck mine out in lime green post its.
3. I'm obsessed with KitchenAid's pink breast cancer appliance line - this standing mixer would actually get me baking, no small feat.
4. These Lilly wine glasses from Lifeguard Press are so chic! And they're plastic, so they won't break easily, a great advantage for a klutz like me!
5. This KitchenAid food processor is almost as cute as the mixer. They both benefit breast cancer research and prevention.
6. I can't wait to entertain in my first place, so this Lilly cocktail shaker is a must. Now, to learn to make cocktails.
7. While these Paula Deen pots and pans aren't pink and green, I couldn't leave them off the list! I own two pans by Paula, and they are amazing. Having the whole set would be a great grad gift.

Congrats, new grads! Carpe diem!

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  1. Hi there - Love the Lilly glasses!

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